A benefit for every role

Getting everybody on board is the first step to transformation.

Innovation through digital collaboration

Modular process tracking for all stakeholders

Rapidworks focuses on industrial innovation processes, such as new product introduction, product change management and product sourcing. We add the most value to those with unique process flows and iterative process steps, measurements in quality assessments and collaboration with suppliers. There are three main roles who have the most to gain using Rapidworks:

Division Head

Managing time-to-market with several products while juggling budget restraints can be a daunting task. Discover how Division Heads remove misalignments across their projects with Rapidworks.

Process Owner

Failure to keep track of actual progress of several suppliers across multiple products is one of the main reasons for delays in new product launch. See how Rapidworks automates the entire process.

Controller / Compliance

Whether its process improvement or actionable root cause analysis, using Rapidworks for oversight has proven to be a stress reliever for Controllers.