Transform Your Manufacturing Workflows with Ease.

Transform Your Manufacturing Workflows with Ease.

Which processes do you have on the backlog for digitalization?

Deliver digitalisation projects easier.

Rapid Prototyping

Clients almost always want to see the end result before they commit to a project. As a service provider, it’s always a challenge balancing initial investment with the possibility of the contract. With Rapidworks, you can showcase a prototype of their potential process with only a few hours effort, making it cheaper and more impactful when presenting your ideas to clients.

Easy Editing

No matter how good the project management, there are times when the client discovers that they need some feature changes to the work you have done. This is always a painful problem, since either you or the client will need to absorb the cost related to additional development. Rapidworks is built modular, so you can easily duplicate a process, make changes to the one you did or add onto it without needing to commit development time or resources to it.

Fully Customisable

Department heads and process owners have been disillusioned by out-of-the-box software, since they only cover a part of their unique workflows. Large software providers often upsell their own custom developments and even then the results are less than expected. Rapidworks focuses on the end-customer needs and it can be used to create a unique, fully tailored digital environment for each client and their separate users, including different features and rights throughout the process.

Instant Implementation

After creating a concept/wireframe, the hard work usually begins. Digitalisation development projects last from anywhere between 6-18 months after initial approval. In rapidworks, releasing the initial concept into a fully operational digital workflow takes a few hours of input from your clients and a few days of configuring by your team. You can implement projects in weeks, instead of years, if you so wish.

For process developers, by process developers.

  • Proven in the industry

    The core and philosophy of Rapidworks was developed through working together with global companies like Mercedes Benz, BASF and ABB to name a few. We have taken the unique needs of industrial processes and created a scalable platform for helping companies manage their unique needs for collaboration, review and compliance.

  • Expert support and training

    Our team has been digitalising complex processes for over 5 years. Our expertise can not only get you putting together processes in a matter of days, but we can also help you better define the needs of your clients and give them ideas for scaling up their digital transformation together with you.

  • Expand your footprint with your clients

    8 out of 10 of companies who have digitalised a process with the help of Rapidworks have expressed a want to further digitalize other processes and departments. The inherent ease of implementation and full customisation gives end-users the confidence and inspiration to see how much easier their lives can be and they recommend it to their colleagues.

  • Built for flexibility

    8 separate modules, several utilities and hundreds of templates are pre-built, enabling virtually limitless possibilities in process creation. This sort of flexibility means you can digitalise anything ranging from Innovation Processes, Supply-chain management, Quality Assessment, Ramp-up or Design. Domain expertise comes from end-users, functionality from Rapidworks and you will be the one to put it all together and generate value.

Navigating common challenges

We add value in every step of your client journey

Where we can help

Step 1

Making Offers

When consulting, you can help your clients in understanding their process requirements better and visualize their bottlenecks with less resources and more impact.

Step 2

Doing sales pitches

Since it takes very little effort, you can show your prospects how their process would look like even before they commit

Step 3

Developing processes

Since a bulk of the work is now no-code, there is no need for lengthy and costly development sprints between prototype and MVP

Step 4

After-sales support

Make changes/amendments to completed projects in a few hours instead of weeks.

Step 5

Growing your client-base

Because of its scalable nature, you can accept more projects and grow your business, without overhiring.

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