Collaboration across departments, suppliers, and third parties with unified digital processes.

Collaboration across departments, suppliers, and third parties with unified digital processes.

Ready to transform collaboration in your organization?

Seamless collaboration, real-time progress tracking, total control.

Live overview of all simultaneous projects

Efficiently managing and coordinating a growing number of multiple simultaneous projects requires clear communication, deep understanding of all moving parts and synchronization of everybody involved. We help you always stay on top of your projects, making it easier for you to focus on the areas which are underperforming.

Intuitive budgeting / scheduling

Establishing initial timelines, aligning them consistently across the product portfolio, and continuously realigning them in coordination with all suppliers is critical for making informed executive decisions. Rapidworks helps project leaders compare planned to actual and make adjustments during the project, before delays affect the bottom-line.

Effortless collaboration with third parties

Get updates from suppliers and give updates to clients in the same workflow without either having to know of the other’s existence. Keep everything in one place and the whole team updated. Reduce the time spent on report generation and follow-ups with automated reports and custom notifications. Instead, focus on strategic initiatives and deliverables.

Full compliance history of entire process

Have a full accountability chain of the innovation process value stream by overseeing who did what and when. Locate the issues and fix them before they become a bigger problem. Make sure to meet safety, environmental and ISO standards by having an in-depth real-time overview of internal processes and proof in numbers.

Proven to save time and remove the pain in collaboration

Custom-built to meet your unique needs, it’s a hub for real-time progress tracking, data analysis, and result delivery. Unify your operations with precision and efficiency.

  • Proven in the industry

    The core and philosophy of Rapidworks was developed through working together with global companies like Mercedes Benz, BASF and ABB to name a few. We have taken the unique needs of industrial processes and created a scalable platform for helping companies manage their unique needs for collaboration, review and compliance.

  • Expert support and training

    Our team has been digitalizing complex processes for over 5 years. Our expertise can help translate your operational pains into a digital solution, with minimal effort and time. From showcasing a prototype before you commit to after-sales support and training, we help you stand out as an example of efficiency within your organization.

  • See it to believe it

    By leveraging our innovative no-code development platform, we can showcase how your own process will work on Rapidworks before you need to make any commitments. If you are happy with it, you can even use it to present to your own colleagues, making internal adaptation and confirmation a breeze.

  • Built for flexibility

    8 separate modules, several utilities and hundreds of templates are pre-built, enabling virtually limitless possibilities in process creation. This sort of flexibility means we can digitalize anything ranging from Innovation Processes, Supply-chain management, Quality Assessment, Ramp-up or Design. Domain expertise comes from you, functionality from Rapidworks and we will be the one to put it all together and generate value.

It’s normal for process transformation to be challenging.

We got you.

Your Journey With Us

We add value in every step of your process

Process definition / Change management

Sometimes processes, although working, are not clearly defined. We will help you define responsibilities, allocate roles and responsibilities and review the efficiency of your workflow, all free of charge.

Prototyping / MVP

Typical software development starts with a concept/prototype. We will showcase the process to you as a draft within a few weeks of getting started, speeding up feedback and iterations on expectations.

Implementation / Training

After you have approved the way your process works, we will finish configuring it and release it to you and your colleagues to test out. Since the process will be a 100% representation of your existing workflow, training should take no more than a few hours.

Third party integration

Getting your suppliers/clients into the platform is simply a matter of adding them and inviting them, no need for complex integrations.

Improvements / Changes

Our engineers are happy to help you in tweaking your process after it has been implemented, all part of our commitment to you.

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