Focus on results while saving hundreds of hours during project completion.

Collaboration tools for teams and suppliers, real-time data dashboards and much more to help you deliver peak performance.

Gain transparency across innovation processes

Keeping up with increasing customer demands can be challenging

97% say customer demands are changing

  • 1

    63% Put emphasis on product sustainability

  • 2

    61% Deem product quality to be important

  • 3

    59% Request added features and more functionality

  • 4

    56% Value speed of delivery

Customer demands in order of importance

The biggest challenges facing management

Key Features

Customised workflows

Your process is unique and that’s the way it should be treated. We set up your processes for you in a matter of days without any onboarding needed.

Tailor-made reports

We will set up your reports the way you need to see them. After that, they’ll generate automatically based on the data that has been inserted.

One source of truth

Have all your projects, data and files in one place. Communicate with team members and suppliers and view progress in real-time.

Simplify process management

Have full control of your processes and projects.

Provide an immediate overview of planned and actual schedules.

  • 1

    Set up and edit a planned schedule

  • 2

    Compare planned and actual dates

  • 3

    Appoint responsible people to each project step