Process Tracking

How digital process tracking works

Starting a project

Once your process is set up, getting started is easy. As project leader, your job will be to kick off each project. Once you have decided on what that is, you will simply need to invite all the parties who are involved into the project. These are defined by you and will have rights and responsibilities based on your own custom process.

Monitoring progress

Progress monitoring is made easy through fully customised dashboards which give you a full overview of all relevant KPI-s you are tracking. In addition, you will always get notified when a relevant part of your progress has been completed, is being delayed or otherwise needs your attention. Rapidworks has been designed to keep your attention on where it needs to be, without needless searching, status meetings and data gathering.

Setting up parties and timeline

You can collaborate with suppliers, colleagues or third parties of your choosing. By inviting them to join you begin the collaborative process of managing the project. Based on your process criteria, you are able to define how long each step should take and what the expected outcomes should be. A dynamic GANTT chart will be generated, where you can follow the progress of your project and easily pinpoint where delays or bottlenecks are happening.

Reporting and keeping a record

Whether they are reports to your clients, supervisor or compliance, we help custom design all relevant information into your reporting. Project summaries, iteration progress and completion success are just a few ways of how you can begin to simplify your daily reporting overhead. In terms of compliance, every step of all processes is recorded and full traceability of who signed off on what can be viewed with simply a click.