Workflow modelling

How to model processes using Rapidworks

Going digital with Rapidworks is easy

We have leveraged all of our experience into making the transition into digital as easy and seamless for our clients as possible. By going through the following simple steps, you should be able to start saving time within the shortest amount of input possible.

Have an intro call with us

Our first step in mapping out your process involves a 45 minute virtual call with you. Starting from a demo of our features, we will guide you through all relevant topics which are important to consider in mapping a digital process, such as process type, iterations involved, scheduling, etc. Once you feel confident that you have vision of a process mapped, we will start looking at how to develop it for you.

Share some existing examples of current files / reports

Any example of existing spreadsheets, pdf-s or e-mails which you use for your daily decision making will be used to set up templates in Rapidworks. These templates will reflect 100% of the information you need to run your process and will be centralised in one digital workflow. This will make reports more standardised, quality gates more robust and the overall storage and exchange of data more streamlined. You can start making future decisions based on past successes and continuously iterate from a single point of truth.

Identify your workflow steps and dependencies

Developing a digital process with Rapidworks is easy. We will outline all the relevant steps and gates involved and look into detail on what should be expected at each stage. We will adjust all notifications based on who needs to know which status and when, we will outline the types of data and reports which will be exchanged and, with your guidance, fix who gets to see what information in the process, so everybody is on the right page at the right time.

We get to work!

Our development process has been streamlined so that we can deliver a pilot process for you to test within a week of getting all the relevant information. The end result will be a fully tailored digital process. Track, manage and improve on your workflow live, within a few weeks of getting in touch with us.

Map out all roles / parties involved

Mapping out user rights is easy. We will take your existing way of working, your communication hierarchy and your strategic input to give just the right amount of access to all relevant stakeholders. By fine-tuning each role, we are able to duplicate your existing way of making decisions into the digital space within a few days.

Test and release the pilot in 2 weeks

Our clients typically start with a 6 month pilot, testing out and making adjustments to their process with a single product. This minimises down-time and gives all stakeholders enough time to effectively compare and quantify the benefits of Rapidworks for themselves. Once everybody feels comfortable, you will be able to seamlessly transition all other products in the same process onto Rapidworks and scale up your operations.