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How does Rapidworks work?


Rapidworks focuses on industrial innovation processes, such as new product introduction, product change management and product sourcing. We add the most value to those with unique process flows and iterative [...]

How does Rapidworks work?2023-04-18T10:10:21+03:00

What is incremental digitalisation?


Opposite to company-wide digital transformation projects, incremental digitalisation helps companies digitalise their processes one process workflow at a time. This way, users can start benefiting from the changes immediately and [...]

What is incremental digitalisation?2023-04-18T10:11:19+03:00

What makes Rapidworks unique?


Processes are digitalised in a matter of days with no software development needed, allowing the company to gain immediate ROI.  Includes functionality that is made for manufacturers, such as iterative [...]

What makes Rapidworks unique?2023-04-18T10:11:57+03:00
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